نمونه توصیه نامه

نمونه توصیه نامه

نمونه توصیه نامه



To whom this may concern: 

 I am writing this recommendation letter for Mr. *** who is applying for graduate admission  to your department. I have known him since January 2010 when he worked as my teaching  assistant in “Internet Engineering” course in University of Tehran. His accuracy, commitment  and proficiency helped me consolidate the course. His communication and teaching skills were  exceptional and the students ranked him as one of the best TAs of that semester. The course  consisted of two major parts and *** was solely responsible for one of them. He designed the  assigned project and taught the students not only for the required hours, but also many extra  hours voluntarily and once successfully taught the class at my absence.

 He works very smoothly in groups and has also shown strong interactive capabilities and is  known as a very cooperative and helpful student. In conclusion, due to his self-motivation and  good interpersonal communications, I strongly recommend *** for graduate studies at your  institute, and am sure that he will perform more than satisfactorily as a graduate student. If you  need any further information regarding him, please do not hesitate to contact me. 




To whom it may concern: 

 I think extremely high of Mr.***, and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of  recommendation in favor of him for your graduate program.

I have known *** since September 2008. During this period, he has worked under my direct  supervision at Iran System Company. He is a creative and original thinker who has intelligence,  great curiosity about people and ideas, and plenty of common sense. In addition, he has  demonstrated excellent powers of observation and a remarkable ability to communicate and  analyze situations in a professional manner.

Besides his background in Engineering, his great motivation and perseverant spirit led me to give  him new market oriented tasks. Through his performance in Kaper Market project, which is a  server client application for supermarket delivery, I found him smart, creative, innovative and  hardworking. His job was to do tasks such as holding seminars about iPhone Programming,  designing and developing Online Flash Games System and Theme Creator for cloob.com and  mihanblog.com (which are the most popular social network website and these cond most used  weblog service in Iran, respectively), and setting up Text Message System for cloob.com. *** not only fulfilled his duties but also exceeded my expectations in each of these functions. At the  present time, he is helping us improve cloob.com’s functionality with his B.Sc. thesis about link  prediction and recommendations in social networks.

It is my beliefs that a higher education, by broadening his knowledge, will help *** succeed even  more in the future. I have no doubt that he will be a serious and enthusiastic student, and quite a successful one, that you would be proud to call an alumnus. If you have any further questions regarding his background or qualifications, please feel free to contact me.



To whom it may concern: 

 This letter of recommendation is written in support of Mr.*** request for graduate program  in your university. I have known him for the past two years when he attended courses “Database  Lab”, “Designing User Interface” and “Scientific and Technical Communication” in the School  of Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Tehran. *** passed these courses with  brilliant results: 19.5, 20 and 20(out of 20), respectively. As his professor, I have had an  opportunity to observe his activities and interactions in class and found him intelligent,  inquisitive and energetic. 

 Furthermore, *** has served as one of my two teaching assistants for the course “Database  Lab” in two semesters. I found him extremely responsible and very honest in his duties. I also  consider him an outstanding team worker who helped me improve the quality of the course to a  great extent. 

 I am also ***’s B.Sc. thesis supervisor. In his research, he is highly motivated in exploring  new fields of research such as “Online Social Networks Analysis” and “Data Mining”, also very  enthusiastic in work, both as an individual and in team work. His thesis is on “recommendation  and link prediction in social networks using user profiles and social graphs” and his test bed is  http://cloob.com which his the most popular social network website in Iran. He is very interested  in adopting new approaches and notions in his research. *** is a smart, communicative and most  importantly very hardworking student. He also exhibits a thirst for knowledge and is innovative in discussions he initiates with his colleagues and me. He works very well in groups and has also

shown strong leadership and social capabilities.

In summary, I give *** my highest recommendation and very much hope that the admission  committee judges his application favorably. I strongly believe that he has the potential to be a very useful party to your research programs.




To whom it may concern:

It is a pleasure for me to recommend you one of my best undergraduate students; Mr. ***.

As a professor at the Electrical Engineering department of University of Tehran, I receive each  year a lot of requests from my students to write in support of them but I only recommend those  whom I know well and have done research with me. *** is one of such students and with his  qualities; I am sure that he will be very well suited for your program.

I first met *** in my “Operation Research” course. He performed exceptionally well at that class  and became among 10 top students with a grade of 18.25 out of 20. At that semester, ………  percent of the students failed and the class average was ………. Students were evaluated on their  familiarity with project management (………)concepts and the ability to analyze planning  problems in organizations and propose appropriate solutions for them. Mr. Noei’s grade in this  course showed that he possesses strong analytical abilities and knows how to use them  effectively.

He also took “Game Theory” with me which is a graduate course in spring 2010, and his mark  was 15.5 out of 20. His skills and knowledge along with compatibility of his research interests  with mine, encouraged me to accept his request for doing his BS project with me. His project is about Stochastic Dynamic Stock Market Modeling and Decision Making using Game Theory.  From the first meetings we had, I discerned his commitment and responsibility. *** has never  failed to complete a task before the deadline and he always have delivered high-quality work.  This shows a great dedication on behalf of him. The way he presents his research’s results and  analyzes them; shows that he is familiar with the methods of doing research and possesses deep  practical knowledge of the field.

I meet around 100 undergraduate students annually, and because of ***’s outstanding academic  ability, I would rank him in the upper 2%. Although our Master program is the best in Iran, but it  is ***’s desire to pursue his studies abroad and in Finance. It would be my pleasure to accept  him as a graduate student under my direction.

I think that *** possesses what it takes to be a successful financial analyst. He is really interested  in applying his powerful mathematical tools into Finance and business related problems. He is  committed to his work, is responsible, has substantial knowledge of Finance and business  management, possesses good communicational skills and uses his creativity to develop  innovative ideas. As far as I know about the ……. program at the University of ………….., I am  sure that *** would be a good candidate for it and you would find his skills and dedication an  asset to your program. I hope that you accept his admission to your graduate program since I  think that his talents and potential will be further developed in the ………. Business School of  University of …………. .

Please feel free to contact me in case you require further information.

Sincerely yours



To whom it may concern:

As the manager of The Tazhak Corporation, it is a pleasure for me to recommend a stellar  member of our company, Mr. ***. He worked in our Project Management Office (PMO), for  about two years. He is one of our most effective and knowledgeable employees and his  dedication to his work have benefited our projects to a great deal.

Tazhak is an engineering and trading company founded in 1990 in Tehran and now enjoys 20-25 employees involved in different projects in Tehran, capital of Iran. This company is involved in  importing electronic parts, delivering orders of domestic patrons, forecasting the Iranian market  for electronic goods and project management.

I first met ***, when he was one of part-time job applicants for some projects in our company.  His hard work, flexibility and dedication encouraged us to invite him to work with Tazhak. At  that time he was still an undergraduate student, but he surprised us with sense of professionalism  and organization.

Mr.***’s creativity and analytic abilities are fueled by his breadth of knowledge. I was quite  impressed, when I first heard him talking about collaboration tools in a meeting; he skillfully  compared different aspects of collaboration tools available in the market while case studying  some of the success and failure stories for them. His technical reports and proposals also show

that he is well aware of different solutions to financial needs of organizations.

*** also possesses important organizational skills. First and most he is very good at team  working and he is as effective in a team as he is alone. Besides his technical skills, his ability to  create a friendly and joyful working environment is very valuable. His work also shows that he  possesses leadership and management skills. Having a chance to show them, I am sure *** won’t  disappoint in that area. 

The other thing that impressed me about *** is his commitment to work and hard working  attitude. He takes his responsibilities seriously and works confidently under any circumstances.  He is also good at multi tasking. As a matter of fact, I think he performs much better when he is  doing multiple demanding tasks. For me, this is a sign of a good planner and a good organizer.

I think that *** is made of the stuff that future managers should be made of. He is intelligent, creative and knowledgeable and is committed to his work. I see a great potential in this young  gentleman and I am sure that with his brilliant characteristics, he will achieve so much in the  future.

After he asked the company to write a recommendation for him, I suggested him to continue his  majors in a more technical field such as Electrical Engineering. But when he introduced your  program to me and the more I learned about how much your program aligns with his goals; I  concluded that the MBA/CFA program at the Goodman institute is well suited for him. I do

recommend Mr. *** for your program and I am sure that he would be able to achieve his goals in  the John Molson School of Business.

Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or need further explanations. Sincerely


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